5 Day Workshop


How to Get Paying 
Clients Using Facebook 

Monday, August 1st - Friday August 5th, 2022
11am PT / 2pm ET 

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Are you ready to learn how you can get paying clients from Facebook?... YES, there is a way!
DAY 1:  Your Buyer's Journey Through Facebook:  From Stranger to Client
Learn the transitions from stranger to client as you moved your ideal client  closer to you, your program & services on Facebook. You'll also learn how to optimize your Facebook Personal page branded to your business.   

DAY 2:  Give Your Audience What They Want 
Learn what your ideal clients want and are Willing to Buy before you spend weeks, even months creating a program.

DAY 3:  Converting Your Program Into an Irresistible Offer 
There are programs and then there are Irresistible Offers. Learn how to stand out from the crowd of others who promise the same results so that YOU are the only Choice to buy from!

Day 4:  Key Touch Points That Do The Selling For You
Learn why it's so important to stay TOP OF MIND with your ideal clients and how to do that so your audience is ready to buy when you present your offer. Why your content must get inside your prospect’s head and heart.

DAY 5:   How to Collect Leads FAST!!
Learn how to set up your Facebook Group the right way so you are collecting leads fast  

See You at the Workshop - Let's GROW!!!

Meet Dallas Piana

Hey I get it. Nothing more frustrating than buying course after course, spending hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars trying to figure out how to get clients online and feel like your just not getting anywhere.
You're still at the exact same place you were a year ago...maybe 3 years ago.
Hi! My name is Dallas Piana and I can really relate.
I too have spend thousands of dollars on courses; email marketing, content marketing, branding, social media marketing, traffic, copy-writing, sales and all those courses never showed how each marketing aspect is tied together.
Until suddenly I came across a few amazing mentors who showed me exactly how to pull it all together easily. End to end!!!
One of my clients, who had no marketing experience at all, follow my step by step process to attract an audience, establish her authority and sold her high ticket coaching packages with ease and was making $10,000 within 10 weeks of my program.
Others continue to improve their cash and client flow month after month.
It's all about putting in place a marketing and sales system that attracts, nurtures and converts those leads into clients. And this is exactly what you will learn and implement in my hybrid group coaching program!!

I'm committed to inspiring, equipping and guiding female entrepreneurs to play full out, make a difference in the world using social media to get your message out in front of those that need your guiding light.  
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